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Letter from Dr. Dhaval Patel from The Coffee Barrel

Uncommon Partnership with Arden Place

Over the past year, the Coffee Barrel/Uncommon Table and Arden Place of Beeville, have built a successful, community-orientated partnership. With the support of the leadership team at Arden Place, particularly the former Administrator, Ying Collingwood, and Rebekah Puebla, Director of Marketing, the team at the Coffee Barrel/Uncommon Table are thankful for all of their efforts to keep residents and employees at their facility safe and secure, especially during the current pandemic. Outside of the Coffee Barrel donating meals as a thanks to the frontline healthcare providers at Arden Place or receiving protective masks, sanitizer, and wipes from them, the uncommon partnership is built on the notion of both of us working together to keep Beeville healthy and making an impact sustainably. Many thanks to Arden Place of Beeville for being a key partner for years to come! Be Uncommon!