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Easy Turkey Craft

All you need for this easy turkey craft is some glue, a pencil, a black marker, scissors, and brown, orange, yellow, and red construction paper – googly eyes optional.

Start by tracing one of your hands (fingers and thumb tucked together) on a brown piece of paper. Then trace both hands with your fingers splayed out on two different colors (orange, red, yellow, green) of paper. Be sure to trace the individual fingers. For more “feathers” trace individual fingers on various colors of paper. Cut out all of your traced pieces. The heel of the handprint will be your turkey head. Arrange the finger hand prints and individual finger pieces behind the head/body piece to look like feathers and glue into place. Cut out two long strips of the brown construction paper and accordion fold for legs. Cut out feet for your turkey – use your imagination – it doesn’t have to be perfect! Draw on a face (or use googly eyes if available) and cut a small triangle out of the red paper for the turkey wattle. Display your turkey for all to see at your family gathering.